Alloys A380.0 and B380.0

These alloys are used for casting general purpose die castings. They have good mechanical properties and are used to make housings for lawn mowers and radio transmitters, air brake castings, gear cases and air-cooled cylinder heads.

Castability—Fluidity, pressure tightness and resistance to hot cracking all are good.

Machinability-Although the machinability of A380.0 and B380.0 is considered good, carbide-tripped tooling is recommended because of the alloy’s tendency to be abrasive. Tools should be sharp with high rake and clearance angles, and machines should be operated at moderate to fast speeds and feeds.

Finishing—Electroplating provides an excellent finish on these alloys. Mechanical and anodized finishes are good.

Weldability-Welding of A380.0 and B380.0is fair for all common types of welding processes. Brazing it not employed.

Corrosion Resistance-These alloys have only fair resistance to most corrosive atmospheres, and the protective value of chemical conversion coatings is poor.


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