Aluminum Alloy Choice

What you should consider when doing the aluminum alloy achoice?

Choosing the alloy, casting process and thermal treatment requires a knowledge of the service conditions of the part under consideration. More than 60 casting alloys are in use today, with up to five different thermal treatment options. This results in a large number of alternatives to choose from to satisfy individual requirements. Because of these many alloy and thermal treatment combinations, the possible range of typical mechanical properties varies widely. Since commercial castings often do not have critical service requirements, the foundry should be consulted as to the most economical alloy and production method for the job.

In most cases, aluminum castings are designed for maximum efficiency. In such cases, the alloy and heat treatment must be selected carefully. Designers, with their knowledge of the service requirements for the casting, must confine the alloy choice to those that provide the necessary properties and then must be guided by the foundry for the final choice.


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