Aluminum Alloy properties

Aluminum has become one of the most widely used non-ferrous metals. It is used in the transport sector, construction, the packaging industry, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. New fields of application are constantly opening up as the advantages of this material as following:

1. Aluminum is light; its specific weights substantially lower than other common metals and, at the same time, it is so strong that it can with stand high stress.
2. Aluminum is very corrosion resistant and durable. A thin, natural oxide layer protects Aluminum against decomposition from oxygen, water or chemicals.
3. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of electricity, heat and cold.
4. Aluminum is non-magnetic.
5. Aluminum is decorative and displays high reflectivity.
6. Aluminum has outstanding formability and can be processed in a variety of ways.
7. Aluminum alloys are easy to cast as well as being suitable for all known casting processes.
8. Aluminum and Aluminum alloys are easy to machine.
9. Castings made from Aluminum alloys can be given an artificial, wear-resistant oxide layer using the ELOXAL process.
10. Aluminum is an outstanding recycling material.


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