Aluminum casting made of A356-T6

Our products are mainly made of A356.0, A356-T6 aluminium alloy casting!

Aluminum alloy A356 T6 is an American aluminum alloy casting material. It mainly performs T6 heat treatment after casting. From us it can be manufactuered from low pressure aluminum die casting and aluminum gravity die casting. After heat treatment, the A356.0 aluminum castings can have much stronger mechanical properties.

And our aluminum casting foundry has more than 6 years experience in A356 T6 castings manufactured from both in low pressure die casting and aluminum gravity casting. As an aluminum casting supplier, manufacturer in China,   our aluminum casting foundry delivers the aluminum products to our customers all over the world.

The aluminum A356T6 casting products we can supply include custom aluminum valve body, aluminum castings pulley, cast aluminum components, aluminum castings decoration parts, aluminum castings industry parts, aluminum castings wheels, aluminum bracket, aluminum pump body, aluminum castings cylinder, aluminum castings gear housing, aluminum castings motor cover etc.

-Our aluminum casting foundry are specialized in manufacturing aluminum castings, as well as CNC machining
-Tooling design; manufacture for aluminum gravity die casting or low pressure die casting
-Design capability for aluminum casting parts
-aluminum sand casting heat treatment with F, T1, T2, T4, T5,T6,T651
-excellent surface treatment technique for casting aluminum part: anodize, Nickel plating, chromate plating, zinc plating, gold/Silver finish, passivation and etc.


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