Aluminum die casting wheel hub VS Forged Wheel Hub

As time goes by, the advantage of the aluminum wheel hub has been known and accepted comparing to the iron casting wheel hub. And more and more aluminum casting parts are used on the auto cars. But do you know the difference between the forged wheel hub and the casting wheel hub?

Firstly, The casting wheel has easier manufacturing process and more suitable for mass production with lower cost. The low pressure die casting is the common and economic way to make the aluminum wheel. Most of wheel manufacturer would like to make the casting through low pressure die casting or high back pressure die casting. The low pressure die casting is pouring the molten aluminum into the permanent mold directly, and raw castings shall be machined and polished to get the final finished products. The high back pressure die casting is an advanced casting process, which attract the molten aluminum into the mold through the vacuum way. This will help to keep homoeothermic and prevent the foreign contamination. The casting parts will have not gas holes inside but with uniform density, and have higher strength comparing the low pressure die casting. The production process is comparatively simple, and more suitable for mass production, so casting could reduce the production cost.

Secondarily, Forged wheel has complex process, with high cost and better mechanical properties. So far, the forge has been known the most advanced way to make the aluminum wheel hub. Under heat condition, the aluminum ingot is forged and stamped to a rough wheel hub. Then the rough wheel shall be spin processed to meet the wheel specifications. Finally, the wheel hub will be finished after CNC machining and painting. Because the forge process is too complex, and the forge machine is too expensive, the forged wheel hub has higher cost comparing to the aluminum casting wheel hub.

Thirdly, Metallographic analysis: forged wheel hub has better properties. As per examination result under microscope, the forged aluminum wheel hub has tighter metal molecular arrangement, comparing to the casting wheel hub. This is why the forged wheel hub has better mechanical properties, including tension strength, toughness and load bearing. Fourthly, It is hard to distinguish from visual inspection, but have gravity difference. There is no obvious difference from the visual inspection on the forged wheel hub and casting wheel hub, except the mechanical properties. But the foundry wheel hub will be about 20% heavier than forged one.

Notes, Although there is difference between the casting aluminum wheel hub and the forged aluminum wheel hub, but the latest foundry technology has helped to improve the casting wheel hub to have similar properties to the forged ones. You can choose the suitable ones.


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