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How to make high casting quality

When higher mechanical properties are required in the cast piece, such as higher elongation or strength, gravity die casting, and to a limited extent pressure die casting, are used. In gravity die casting, there is the possibility of using sand cores. Large differences in wall thicknesses can be favourably influenced with the help of risers. […]

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Casting process selection

To keep disadvantages and defects – which constantly arise from an oxide skin forming on the melt – within limits, the gating system must guarantee low turbulence in the metal stream and also a smooth, controlled filling of the die cavity. With the transition from a liquid to a solid condition, volume contraction occurs; this […]

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Aluminum Alloy Control

Aluminum foundries should limit themselves to as small a number of casting alloys as possible in order to use their melting equipment economically, to keep inventories as low as possible and to reduce the risk of mixing alloys. With regard to the quality of a casting, it is more sensible to process a casting alloy […]

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