Electroless Nickel plating on Aluminum Alloy

What are the benefits of electroless nickel plating?

Electroless nickel is one of the most versatile finishes, capable of meeting your needs from wear and corrosion protection to lubricity concerns. The uniform plating thickness of electroless nickel allows for tight tolerances to be achieved. “Electroless” plating avoids the snags of electroplating such as uneven buildup that can compromise threadings and part fittings, which can require post process grinding. Electroless nickel offers some of the best corrosion protection of all plated metals. At aluminumcasting-china, we can offer electroless nickel solutions designed specifically to produce wear resistance, corrosion protection, or lubricity.

What substrates can be electroless nickel plated?
• All steel alloys
• All copper alloys
• All aluminum alloys


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